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They Call Me Mellow Yellow…


Writer, certified feng shui practitioner, friend and very cool gal Mary Mihaly helped me out with today’s New Thing – learning how to bring in healthy chi!

This information comes at a good time – as many of you already know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago. Today I am flying to Philadelphia to check out the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, which incorporates mind, body and spirit into treatment programs. After a few weeks of research and consulting with doctors, this will be my final consult before deciding on where, when and how I will receive treatment. I will keep you posted on this adventure!

So today, I am wearing a sunny yellow blouse on my trip to Philly – come on healthy chi!

This from Mary Mihaly:

As you know, the home (or any space) is divided into nine “guas” or areas (think of a tic-tac-toe grid) relating to life endeavors–career, elders, prosperity, etc. The center area is the Health gua, and it refers not only to physical health, but to mental & emotional health, being centered and grounded. The symbol for that gua is the yin-yang symbol and the color is yellow–like sunshine!

The most important thing you can do to attract good-health chi is to keep that area sparkling clean and uncluttered. If there’s a closet or storage area there, keep it tidy. If there’s a fireplace in the center of the home, place nine live plants around it to counter the heat, and avoid heart and respiratory problems.

Also, have nothing anywhere in the house that represents death – not even dead flowers or potpourri. If you can’t handle live plants (me!), silk plants are a good feng-shui substitute, especially in the health gua.

A statue of Buddha also helps in that part of the house, especially one with him holding his gourd of infinite-life juice. (Art gourds are a wonderful, healthy thing to collect, too.)

You can attract good-health chi to yourself all day by wearing something yellow, or a silk scarf (or a yellow silk scarf). It doesn’t have to be a loud yellow dress; in feng shui a whisper is as effective as a scream. A small hankie with yellow will do just fine!

Thanks, Mary!