Monthly Archives: January 2011

Spaces Between Sounds


I have allowed a long silence to live between posts. January is a time for rejuvenation – a month of newness, and clearing of clutter. I’m sure many of you have found yourselves attacking those piles of papers, catalogs or other nuisance flutterings with zeal; organizing them (or at least corralling them), labeling and storing, then stepping back to look at your accomplishment, with, well, a sense of accomplishment. Or, like me, you are organizing the money – beans, moolah, black line, gold, cash, income – and plotting your path for 2011. And although we all might complain about tightening the belt, it still feels good to do so. Buckling into another barely worn belt-hole and declaring an end to the pudge, whether in our spending or in our waistlines, is somehow satisfying in itself.

So the silence at Chez Universe has not meant that I have been sitting in a corner. In fact, I have been very busy! I am in the process of buying a house – my first on my own as a single woman! I am excited about this little “start-over house.” It is a project house (aren’t we all, in the grand scheme of things?) and will need lots of repairs. Just how many it will need will be answered when I have a home inspection next week. But it is a new adventure that I will share with you, dear readers!

And because I have broken the January silence with type, I want to share this link that was sent to me by a fellow wordsmith. Enjoy!