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Finding the Tiniest in Vermont


Although I have traveled to many places over the years, Vermont has always called to me. I knew it was where I belonged, and it was a happy day when I received my Vermont driver’s license and put on the “greens,” the green Vermont license plates, on my truck (the numbers and letters on my plates, after decoding, translate to “bees love honey”). I am madly in love with my new – last – homestate, and with the Green Mountains that climb along its western side.

For the last day of my Blogathon New Thing extravaganza, I found out about a tiny little city in the upper portion of the mountain range – Vergennes.

Vergennes is Vermont’s oldest city, established in 1788, and is also Vermont’s first incorporated city. And it is the state’s smallest city (third smallest in the nation). Now, I am a sucker for anything that claims to be the world’s largest or smallest, shortest or tallest, etc. I have seen the largest basket and ball of twine, New York’s smallest post office, the world’s biggest shoe….I could go on. So of course I had to read about Vergennes, and I plan to visit soon. Look out Vergennes!

And to fellow Blogathoners – it has been a wonderful ride. I tripped and fell a few times, missing some days on the way. But most of the time, there were fellow froggers to fill in the potholes. I thank you. And a big thanks to Michelle Rafter, the genius behind the Blogathon. Count me in for Blogathon 3.