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Me and My Shadow Puppet


Bennington is rainy and overcast today – a perfect day to make homemade bread and a pot of soup. A handful of dried beans that were soaking overnight, some stew meat, garlic, onion, and some leftover tomato sauce and vegetables, along with the rest of the kale I received in yesterday’s CSA box. Once that was done, I flipped on the office light to do some work…and noticed the shadows on the wall.

I remembered that fellow writer Wendy Helfenbaum had suggested learning to make a new shadow puppet. Since my shadow puppetry skills were rusty at best, and I could only remember how to make the Aflac duck, I went searching for a shadow puppet as my New Thing. I found several on this site , but the little dachshund stole my heart. I made the man’s silhouette as well – mine looked eerily like Ronald Reagan…