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Smells Like Childlike Spirit!


Last night’s soup swap was a great success. I marveled at the way the same basic ingredients could be presented in such unique ways. Fall and winter vegetables teamed up with lentils and beans in many dishes, but each had its own flavor and texture. A “golden” ladle was given to the soup voted as overall favorite. The winner was a cherry dumpling soup! We tend to think of soup as an appetizer; a beginning to dining or a hearty stew-like main course for lunches. So this soup (along with the others – over a dozen in all) surprised and delighted everyone. We went away with recipes and new ways to combine basic pantry items that we get tired of, or use over and over in the same way. Grandma’s acorn squash and lentil soup tastes great, but we tire of the routine.

So let’s look at something that is also always there, and can get stale no matter how much we love it – our occupations. Do you remember when you were a child, dreaming of the careers you would have as an adult? As 5-year-olds, there were no boundaries – we planned futures as firemen, mommies and daddies, doctors and pilots. I decided to ask other writers this question: What would you be if you were not a writer?

At first my colleagues insisted that they would want to do nothing else except what they were doing at present. So I asked, if skill/talent/money/whatever was not in the way, what would they choose to be? Reality should play no part in their answer – there should be no logic attached. I wanted to hear what they would do if there were absolutely no boundaries –in this imaginary world, only their spirits were in charge!

The answers were amazing –given the chance to throw aside the hackles of reality, a few stated they would be farmers, dancers, artists and singers. Without the requirements of formal education, others said they would be veterinarians, paleontologists, and physicists. The answers were exciting and eclectic – pipe organ player, rabbi, metalsmith, kitten photographer, ranch owner (where children could ride horses for free), Radio City Rockette, Indiana Jones, and many more. In the imaginary world, it didn’t matter whether we had long legs, beautiful voices, had degrees or owned acres of land – not even the sky was the limit!

So, as adults, how can we unlock the doors that hold in these dreamy wishes, and make them a little part of our reality? If we gave our spirits control of our lives, instead of allowing logic and all the other things to handcuff us to a specific daily grind, how would it change us? Of course, I am not suggesting we all live completely in a dream world of our making – we all have to pay bills and taxes, raise children and do laundry. But if we did something to fulfill a part of that inner desire, wouldn’t it only serve to make our lives better?

Instead of planning a vacation, what if you spun the globe, closed your eyes and pointed to a destination – and took off on your own Indian Jones adventure? What if you bartered for lessons in something you had interest in doing – dancing, acting, baking, or religious instruction? What if there were no boxes to define you? Dig deep – and uncover your passions!


You Learn Something New Every Day


You Learn Something New Every Day – Day 1

My thanks to Janine Adams of Peace of Mind Organizing (www.peaceofmindorganizing.com ) for suggesting today’s New Thing – Japanese T-shirt folding!

I thought it would be easy.
After many years of football jerseys, tank tops, and hundreds of T-shirts of different sizes and styles, I figured this “New Thing” would be a cakewalk.
Boy, was I wrong.
I watched the video – first I watched the Japanese version, seen here:

Then I decided that that would be two New Things – one would be folding the T-shirt, and one would be mentally translating the Japanese instructions to English. So I found an English-speaking tutorial and felt confident I could pull this off.
My first…um…few tries were less than perfect. The shoulder folds didn’t match, and the logo was half hidden. They all looked like this:

But then, I realized I was pinching the T-shirt in the wrong place. I was following my instinct of grabbing the T-shirt at the edge, when in fact I should have been grabbing at a spot that was aligned with the T-shirt shoulder.

Voila! Here is my folded T-shirt:


And here I am – no, I don’t wear my hair over my eyes. It was messy from the exertion… I went for coffee immediately afterward.


Thanks, Janine, for helping me learn today’s New Thing!
Tune in tomorrow for a list of participating Blogathoners and another New Thing!