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I had a thought this morning: if we are all thinking outside the box, then why do we still have the box?

Maybe we’re just all in a bigger box…

More later.


Goodbye, Meg…


My hair is slowly disappearing. I had my Meg Ryan/Peter Pan haircut for about three weeks, but after the second chemotherapy treatment it began to weaken. First there were just extra strands in the hairbrush. Then the strands appeared in larger groups, and I kept picking loose hair off my shoulders and my pillowcase.

I decided not to shave my head. Although it seems to be the norm for patients to take control of the hair loss in that way, it doesn’t seem right for me. I would prefer to let the universe decide when each hair loosens and falls. So for now I’m allowing what’s left on my head to stay on my head. I will contain it in a mesh cap and cover it with my new wig or a bright scarf. And truly, I am enjoying looking at scarves! Who knew? I found some really cool sites that specialize in long scarves that can be twisted and tied into headgear, such as Simply Scarves, or Silk Charm. And I am planning to check out the thrift stores for scarf treasures! Hmm…I wonder if I could make a scarf animal….