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Small World – Resizing the American Dream
(2500 words) “In an era of “big, bigger, and biggest,” Sarah Susanka quite possibly is the leader of a quiet revolution in the building industry. Susanka’s flowing architectural style and respect for the planet has touched a gentle flame to a candle of change…” (Check out the full article for a limited time on its own page!)

Profits from Passions
(1500 words) “In a time where two-income households are the norm, and consumer spending continues to rise, we all have the nagging feeling that we should be making more money. Gone are the days where the father marches off to his secure position at Acme Career, Inc. and punches a time clock for 35 years without a worry about his financial future.
Financial advisors maintain that one should always diversify investments. Why not apply that concept to our wage-earning? Today’s worker wants more out of life than a paycheck. So how can he pay the bills without forgetting to feed the soul?”…

*The American Flag
200-300 words (bullet list) on the Stars and Stripes.

*Moon Names
A look at the names Native Americans give to monthly full moons.

More to come!


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