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Flipping Coins


For today’s Lovely Blog Award, I am veering away from farm things today to give bring you a blog that informs and inspires women. Money is on all our minds right now, and how to raise and train your dollars to be the best they can be is often daunting. I will add posts that take a look at thrifty living, recycling and reuse, etc, but I thought Barbara Stanny’s blog is a good place to begin. Our dollars need love and kindness so they can go forth and multiply!


Play Money


“I have tried to teach people there are three kicks in every dollar: one, when you make it; two, when you have it. The third kick is when you give it away – and it is the biggest kick of all” – William Allen White

Money is on the mind lately for all of us. It’s worrisome when the number of dollars coming in is less than the number of dollars going out. So we try to diversify, to create to ways to bring in income – what I call “patchwork income.”

But today, I decided to look at it a bit differently. I am not going to make money – I am going to make something OUT of money!

Hot on the heels of the fabulous Japanese T-shirt folding I did yesterday, I folded another shirt today – a money shirt! You CAN do this at home, folks – although I must admit I skipped over a few adorable money-folded items because I figured it would take me more than the allotted day to learn how to make them. But this one works pretty well, even though I did not have a “crispy new one dollar bill” as was stipulated in some of the instructions on the internet. No, my dollar bills were crumpled up in dirty green wads in my jeans pocket and..well..needed to be laundered. So my finished product wouldn’t have passed muster at the money-shirt-folding competition (I’m sure there is one somewhere in the world). Here it is;

Ok, so are you ready to try?
Go to this link to find instructions on folding a shirt as well as some other cute items!