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Greens at the Crossroad.


Today I learned a new word; carrefour. It is a French word meaning “crossroads” and was meant to describe a square or a place where merchants gather.

I liked this word because the first half was Latin for “four” and the second half was, quite literally, “four.” Four four. Those types of words always touch my funny bone. Not that my bones are really funny. Although maybe they are, to other bones. But anyway… I think of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Or the little Roman guy that said “Pizza, pizza.” Or that cute little Jacob Two Two, who used to say everything twice.

But I digress. The word carrefour also reminds me that the farmer’s markets are opening! The markets are vibrant and happy – the growers are happy to share their products, and the customers are hungry for the taste of fresh greens. I am fortunate to be a part of a CSA this year – I’ll pick up my boxes from Mighty Food Farm in Pownal, Vermont. The producers, Chuck and Lisa, are two of the nicest people I know. I will look forward to seeing them at the Bennington Market as well as all the other growers. They are dedicated to their job, and most help sustain our Mother Earth as much as possible – if the radish leaves look a little ragged, you know the flea beetles have been at it in pesticide-free rows. Be grateful for the holes – it is a cycle of life.

If you aren’t in a CSA, please try to support your local farmer by visiting a farmer’s market in your area. If you have food at all – thank Mother Earth.

Thank you thank you