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Ewe Go, Girl!


Coco with lambs

The weekend flew by with a fun evening in Lebanon, NH on Saturday. We were able to attend a sold-out Indigo Girls concert held in the Lebanon Opera House. The Indigo Girls had the entire house on their feet by the end, grooving to their sweet old late-80s folky songs, but concert opener Lucy Wainwright Roche became a house favorite. Her soft voice and airy personality was endearing and her music was a hit with the Indigo Girls fans. No one in our group was fooled by her spacey stage persona – Roche completed a Master’s Degree in Education and was an elementary school teacher in New York City before hitting the road.

My friend Susan lives in upstate New York, about a half hour’s drive from my place. Her homestead includes a small flock of Icelandic sheep, and this past week her ewes, Flora and Coco, became moms. Each ewe gave birth to twin girls! The lambs are named Juno, Calypso, Freyda and Yum-Yum. It was so wonderful to smell baby lamb’s wool and fresh timothy hay again!


I also took a quick look at Susan’s beehive; a colony that was started from the bees I maintain at another friend’s blueberry farm. Although it was just over 40 degrees, the hardworking girls were out foraging for water and any type of food they could find. The ground was littered with debris from the overwintered hive. It looked like the bees, too, were having a bit of cabin fever!

Spring lambs and song – a lovely way to spend a weekend!!