Tools you will need:


Garden fork, or pitchfork

2 cedar stakes

Tree ties


  • Mark out a hole about three times the width of the pot.

  • Dig a hole 1-1/2 times deeper than the height of the pot.

  • Score the sides of the hole by scratching it with a pitchfork. This will make it easier for the roots to penetrate the soil.

  • Pound in 2 cedar stakes at outward facing angles. Leave enough room for the root ball in between. The stakes will help hold the tree as it grows sturdy roots and branches over the next year.

  • Water the tree thoroughly and remove it from its pot. Gently loosen the roots.

  • Put some loose soil into the hole. Next, place the tree in the center of the hole. Place a shovel handle over the hole to gauge the planting depth. Add or remove soil so the tree will sit level and at the right depth.

  • Once the tree is sitting at the right level, put the rest of the soil into the hole. Tamp the soil down with the back of a shovel.

  • If you have well drained soil or live in a dry area, create a water catching moat around the tree. If you have poorly draining soil or live in a wet area, plant the tree on a mound so water drains away from the root ball.

  • Fasten ties to the trunk of the tree. The ties help the young tree stay upright until it learns to support itself. Don’t make the ties too tight or they can damage the tree.

  • Water the tree and add about 3 inches of mulch. Keep the mulch from touching the trunk of the tree. The mulch will hold in moisture for the tree. Keep the soil moist for the first year after the tree is planted.

Yay! Mother Earth thanks you!


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