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You Learn Something New Every Day


You Learn Something New Every Day – Day 1

My thanks to Janine Adams of Peace of Mind Organizing (www.peaceofmindorganizing.com ) for suggesting today’s New Thing – Japanese T-shirt folding!

I thought it would be easy.
After many years of football jerseys, tank tops, and hundreds of T-shirts of different sizes and styles, I figured this “New Thing” would be a cakewalk.
Boy, was I wrong.
I watched the video – first I watched the Japanese version, seen here:

Then I decided that that would be two New Things – one would be folding the T-shirt, and one would be mentally translating the Japanese instructions to English. So I found an English-speaking tutorial and felt confident I could pull this off.
My first…um…few tries were less than perfect. The shoulder folds didn’t match, and the logo was half hidden. They all looked like this:

But then, I realized I was pinching the T-shirt in the wrong place. I was following my instinct of grabbing the T-shirt at the edge, when in fact I should have been grabbing at a spot that was aligned with the T-shirt shoulder.

Voila! Here is my folded T-shirt:


And here I am – no, I don’t wear my hair over my eyes. It was messy from the exertion… I went for coffee immediately afterward.


Thanks, Janine, for helping me learn today’s New Thing!
Tune in tomorrow for a list of participating Blogathoners and another New Thing!