Monthly Archives: April 2010

Over and Out – For Now


Many of you know that the Universe has given me a few challenges lately – a smooth road never makes a good driver, right? And right now, I need to focus my attention on day-to-day tasks as well as one more challenge that needs to be attended to – a divorce. I am thankful for the many wonderful years, a bit sad and disappointed that my then-partner stopped thinking as part of a great team and made the choices he made, but that’s his stuff. We each follow our own paths in our lives – my choice is to be happy and move on to the next adventure! . But that doesn’t mean I will be giving up on what I need to do, and in this case it is to make sure that all factors are weighed and measured to come to a fair and equitable outcome. There is a great quote that I love : “The wolf is neither man’s competitor nor his enemy. He is a fellow creature with whom the earth must be shared.” Those who know me best understand the significance and personal meaning to me. So I will be putting the great barter experiment on hold – for now – until I can give it the attention it deserves. Ireland will be there when it’s the right time. I will leave Trusttheuniverse up, but I won’t be blogging more than one or two times for the next few months. I am grateful for you, readers, and I hope you will return when I do. When I do come back, I hope to bring you news that everyone walked away reasonably satisfied and equipped to start a new chapter in this lifetime! In the meantime – trust the universe, keep smiling, and be kind!
Love and light,