Who am I? Why am I here?

My name is Rosie Wolf Williams and I am a freelance writer and voice artist living in Vermont. My writing credits have appeared in local and national magazines including USA Weekend, Boys’ Life, Woman’s Day, AARP-the Magazine, Fitness, Natural Solutions and many others. I am constantly learning, and this blog is a part of that education. My goal is to expand my knowledge while promoting positive thought and friendship.

I am available for assignments of any length – do you need quick turnaround on an FOB? Would you like to employ a writer who loves to talk to people about their passions? Do you have a book idea that needs an author? Best of all – do you want your stories turned in under deadline? I could be your Plan B!

Need a voice actor for audio books, commercials, phone messaging or other projects? Go to my sample page to listen:


If you would like to know more about  my work, please visit my website at alwaysrosie.com, or my LinkedIn page. Or email me! I’m rosie@alwaysrosie.com.
Follow me on Twitter @alwaysrosie


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  1. A blog a day, huh? Hmmm. I just finished the Script Frenzy (100 pages in 30 days). Maybe I can do that. Even I have a blog, but I can’t remember how to get in it!

  2. I am doing a blog a day , and I’ll bet that I’m learning a new thing every day as I struggle with getting a second blog started. Today I learned from my sister in law that a Swedish mystery writer’s books have made a series on public television. Great stuff for readers of my books and travel blog.

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