Hide Away Moon – See the Light of the Stars!


Tonight is the new moon of the last month of 2010! To me, new moons point to rebirth and intention. Often in this holiday season we get wrapped up in the busy atmosphere of holiday preparation. It becomes a focus on a single future event, and the moment of “now” gets washed out in the anticipation of what is to come. But what if we practiced living in the now – now? Each moment can be fun. A game of Chinese Checkers with a senior citizen whom I now call “friend,” and a conversation over coffee with another newfound friend that lasted so long we closed the shop at the end of day – both are examples of the gifts that come in daily packages. Intend that you pay attention to moments like these – and enjoy them!

The sky is darkened on the night of New Moon, and on a clear night one can see more stars than usual. So I want to tell you about a man who is so passionate about the stars he felt compelled to share them with others.

In 1996, Frank Kovac wanted to show the night sky to a group of Boy Scouts, but cloud cover rolled in and the view was obscured. Kovac decided to build his own planetarium – a tall order for one man. But he had a vision and a clear intent – and he trusted that it would become a reality! Bit by bit, he built it – even hand-painting approximately 5000 stars in their correct locations in the 22-foot diameter globe. Now Kovac Planetarium is open for business in Monico, Wisconsin. Frank looked to the stars – and trusted the universe!

So tonight, look up into that darkened sky, be grateful for the “now” – and intend the future!


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  1. I was away this weekend visiting a new friend. As we returned ‘home’ in the wee hours of Sunday morning I noticed how bright the stars appeared overhead. With the New Moon and the ‘out of town’ house it was a treat indeed. The weather was a wee nippy here in B.C. but I had time to pick out the Big Dipper and a couple other constellations I forget the names of. The theme of my weekend, on a very personal level was, “Healing with Intent.” This was based on a beautiful card I’d pulled during the week. I will envision that night sky and Frank Kovac’s dedication to his intent in the days ahead.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Shiney aka Nancee

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