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Froggers, May I?


I was working at my desk today and since it was warm, I opened up the window to catch a breeze. Traffic was unusually loud, and after an ambulance screamed past, I got up to close the window again. But as I reached for the latch, I heard something else. It was a comforting sound to me; one of many choruses of spring. The peepers were calling from a nearby backwater, their familiar “cree, cree” reaching out over the other noises of humanity. The frog is a symbol of cleansing, a freeing of negativity, a quenching of thirst.

The peepers called out to each other at the same time I called out to my own “peeps.”  May might get a little busy, so  Trust the Universe enlisted the Plan B theory! I asked a few friends who blog to guest post at some point during the next month.

Friends who blog – or “froggers” – will make appearances and offer their take on silliness, positivity and joy, creeing their way into your lives with as much vigor as the little songsters that call from the backwater. Enjoy!

Oh, my New Thing? I learned how to add an author to the blog  – ok, not big news to many of you, but BIG BIG for me! I’m still trying to figure out how to add a hyperlink…