Monthly Archives: November 2010

Lend me your ears!


Today is National Day of Listening. What an interesting concept! Do we all listen in the same way – or even interpret this unique and obscure holiday in a similar fashion?

For the past year I have experienced a ringing in my ears – a probable side effect from treatments. The ringing is called tinnitus – and after a year I still haven’t figured out how to pronounce it. If I say TIN-it-tus, it sounds like a Latin philosopher, spouting profound comments while wearing a toga and peeling grapes. If I say tin-I-tus, I conjure up visions of an aging hobo, playing harmonica and stewing rabbits in coffee cans. Neither fits what I am hearing. The sound is like a tuning fork without the initial clang; just the constant, smooth vibration of sound afterward. And it kind of plays into the old “if a tree falls in the woods” question, because the sound is something that no one else can hear.

So on this Day of Listening, I am going to tell you about the other sounds I hear that allow me to embrace this particular one and accept it as part of my senses. I hear the sounds of Main St. just steps from my porch; police and ambulance sirens; the almost clownish squawks and squeaks of car security systems; and the chatter of people as they go back and forth to work or to do day to day tasks. Tuesday is garbage pickup day, and my 7:00 alarm. These aren’t obnoxious sounds to me, but reminders of the energy around me. The sounds of honking are minimal here – in Vermont, the general thought is to be patient and allow others a bit of courtesy while driving. Instead, I hear conversations sprinkled with laughter, and many wishes of “good morning” when passing strangers on the street.

At night my dog howls out every now and then – for moments in her dreams she is decidedly a sleek wolf calling out to Dog Star in the light of a full moon. I hear the ring of my cell phone; the voices of friends and the gifts of their deep or funny or informative, but always loving conversations. Even the sudden beep of the breadmaker is a happy sound, sending soft puffs of yeast breath into the kitchen.

So you see, hearing the philosopher hobo in my head is a small trade for all of that, and there is so much more I haven’t listed. But I am going to hand it over to you. What happiness do you hear?


Not always the end – it’s a beginning!


After an absence of many months, I am finally back to the blog! I have missed you. I have had several messages asking when Trust The Universe will return – so what better time than the day of Thanksgiving, to share my gratitude?

Nothing stays the same, and the last months have been full of hills and valleys, rough roads and smooth ones, on the way to the next adventure. I am grateful for every one, and here are just a few from the list:

My marriage of 20 years has officially ended since the last blog post. I am grateful for the years of teamwork, fun, laughter, and much happiness. I know this isn’t what you expect to hear from someone after a divorce, but there are no regrets on my part. I am also grateful for the divorce; I have faith that each agreement will be fulfilled completely and with compassion, and I am pleased to continue on with my own personal dreams. Among the many blessings I received from this partnership was the love and friendship of not only a lovely, spirited stepdaughter, but also an amazing mother-in-law (who remains a dear friend and holds a very special place in my heart) and an extended family I continue to love very much.

My last checkup in October saw only happy cells in my body! I intend to blast away any mutant cells with a double dose of optimism and silliness – they will not dare to return! I am grateful for the diagnosis and for every person who touched my life along the way and shared a laugh with me! And thanks, hair follicles, for being good little soldiers!

As any daughter, mother, sister, aunt, or other family title knows, it goes without saying that the family unit is an incredible gift. This is an official shout out to everyone who shares DNA with me. You all rock! The ones who are on other paths beyond the veil – I am so happy I can make you roll over every now and then. It’s good to stretch a bit.

My dad is a member of the latter crowd. Many times over the years, when I had a problem, or I made a mess out of things (again), he would cross his arms, rock back on his heels, and ask, “So, what are you going to do now, Shorty?” It was always my responsibility, and my choice, to create the solution.

And life is always amazing! I don’t know everything that is in store, but I do have a few thoughts. One goal is to find a house of my own – given my budget, its possibility will shine instead of its beauty – and I’m excited about making it into a place where everyone is welcome.

Another is a new web. will eventually replace this blog, and will offer positive news for positive people. The idea is to share this message: that life is so good, no matter the circumstance; and with intent and positive thought, anything is possible! So stay tuned – and stay happy!