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Nirvana on Tour


Last week, I sent Nirvana (the wig) off in the mail to her new owner, Kathie Kelling. Nirvana arrived at her new Phoenix digs while Kathie was enjoying some time with three of her daughters. I received this message from Kathie:

“Today, 3 of my daughters took me to lunch for my birthday, which is coming up on Monday. We were going to a movie too, but had extra time in between so came back to my house. The mail had arrived, including the box with Nirvana. I opened it out of sight, put her on, and walked outside where my daughters were sitting in the sun. They laughed so hard they almost fell off their chairs! It wasn’t Nirvana’s fault – I am just not a long hair person and evidently no longer a blond. My daughter Candace decided she had to take a picture of me with her phone and send it to her son, Cody, who is 14. He responded immediately – OW! Then everyone took a turn getting their picture with Nirvana. Of course, my daughters wore her a lot better than I. We decided to create the Sisterhood of the Traveling Wig. After getting pictures with my 3 granddaughters here, she will go to my 4th daughter, who is in Riverside, CA. Then to my granddaughter in North Hollywood, and on to my sister in Placentia and her two daughters. Each person will have a picture with Nirvana and send it along. I envision Nirvana traveling the world and bringing joy and laughter to all.”

Yeehaw! Nirvana is carrying on the message of this blog – to find the silly in the serious. What better way than to send this part of my big adventure and bring laughter to others! I suggested to Kathie that we give Nirvana her own page, complete with pictures and updates, here at Trust the Universe, to show readers her global journey. Kind of like Flat Stanley for grownups.

Bon voyage, Nirvana!


A Barter with No Limits


Spring is in the air, and so are the barter bugs! We have another very cool trade – Kathie Kelling, who will be leading the trip to Ireland in June, is offering a one-hour PSYCH-K ® session – a simple, self-empowering process to effectively change self-limiting beliefs/perceptions at the subconscious level. This trade is for a session in the greater Phoenix area!

Kathie is trading for the blonde Nirvana wig I wore while in my bald turtle phase last year. Now clean and ready for a new life, it is traveling west. And then maybe east – to Ireland. Hey, then I can say hello to Nirvana while on my dream trip to Grainne’s land. My own hair, by the way, has undergone its own transformation – once blonde and straight, it is now dark and curly. Ok, ok….it’s dark with lots of sophisticated gray…

Go to Kathie’s web site to learn more about her sessions!

Check out the Trading page at the top of the blog site to see all the fun trades we have going on. Beautiful handknit shawls, laptops, autographed pics, etcetera, etcetera…get in on the action! And a reader is still looking for that elusive Rosetta Stone – let’s go on a treasure hunt to help her out!