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The Moose are Loose!


I am so excited – the moose are invading Bennington! And today we will be partying on Main Street, with music and dancing, arts and crafts…and moose!

I will post pics later today – and I’m SURE I will find today’s New Thing somewhere at the fest!

Update: Before heading to the Mayfest, I stopped at the farmer’s market to see some friends. This is my friend Marianne’s homemade maple syrup from her farm in Hoosick, NY:


Then, on to the Mayfest! Here are some of the cool moose that showed up – some even brought their families!

Oh, my New Thing? I learned the Latin name of the moose – alces alces. How cool is that? Another double word like yesterday’s post! I also thought moose were only in North America, but they are also found in northern Europe. In 1910, ten moose were introduced to New Zealand and were thought to have died off. But there were sightings of moose that were dismissed by scientists – until the “mythical” moose left hair samples that were found by a scientist in 2002!

The pictures I have offered here are a rare breed of moose and can only be found in the Bennington Vermont area. It is not a trick – they are here to stay until November!

An update: This came over the wire and I wanted to share it with you! Moose Species