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Cheers Honey


I know – I missed a day. But I had a good excuse. I went to the farm yesterday and added honey supers to five of the beehives. We hope to pull some honey before opening day on the 4th of July. While I was there, I checked out the blueberry fields with owner Byron Winney. A colony of honeybees worked the middle field of blueberry flowers along with dozens of bumblebees. The plants are loaded, so Mother Earth willing, there will be a bumper crop this year.

Today, I am enjoying the beautiful weather – and a lovely drink by friend Monica Bhide, author of “Modern Spice.” I must admit, I made mine a mock drink without the rum puncher. But it was so delicious! And next time, I am planning to add some fresh blueberry juice, too:

Pomegranate Delight