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Honest Abes at the Airport


Dear readers, I missed a few post days. It turns out the center in Philadelphia blocks some internet communications. So although I could read my emails and my daily press releases, I could not access or blog on Trust the Universe. But I am home now.

Last night, I waited at the Philadelphia airport for my flight. I was due to leave at Gate B18, Terminal C. My Albany flight was listed next after a USAirways flight to Greensboro, SC from the same gate. My energy was low so I decided to chill out and watch the people and activities around me.

I had noticed two young boys sitting in a corner, playing a handheld video game. They looked to be brothers, about 11 and 13, and seemed to be traveling alone. I thought to myself how reserved and mature they both were. A few minutes later, a man passed by me and then rounded the corner near the boys. He was fiddling with his pockets and unknowing dropped a small wad of bills onto the floor. He continued on and sat next to his companions on the other side of the waiting area.

Both boys noticed the bills fall, and immediately the older boy waved at the man to get his attention. When that didn’t work, the boy got up and picked up the bills, and walked over to the man and returned them. I didn’t hear their exchange, but I heard the man say “Thanks, man!” The boy went back to his seat and continued his game.

I was struck not only by this boy’s immediate reaction to the incident, but by the way it was an unspoken determination between the boys that this was not something that was out of the ordinary. It was the right thing to do, and did not need to be discussed. There was no childlike conversation beforehand about whether to return the money. It was a true display of character. I wanted to say something to them, but didn’t. Their spirits knew what was right and wrong – they stood in their own truth. They needed no validation or judgments of any kind from others.

But I am telling you here. And if the Universe is showing the parents of these boys (who were on USAir, July 19th, around 8:45 to Greensboro from Philadelphia) the way to this blog – you are raising great young men. You rock, too.

So my Lovely Blog Award goes to Honesty Blog, a cool site that shouts out about these types of good deeds. Although it looks like it has been inactive for over a month, I still felt it was a worthwhile site – it also links to another site called Imhonest.com that offers an online lost and found service.
The Honesty Blog wins the award of the day for its inspiring content.