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Thoughts on relationships


Warning: deep subject ahead. Please use caution and keep young children away from the edges.

I receive a number of emails related to positive thought. One of today’s emails mentioned the idea of being “right” in a relationship, and that in a higher vibration, the ego doesn’t need such a validation. What is more important is to allow relationships to be harmonious and balanced.

This struck a chord with me. Some who know me don’t quite understand me when I say “it’s their stuff” when referring to the way someone may have reacted or contributed to a situation. For me, a person’s action or reaction, even though it is directed at me, may not have anything to do with what is really going on. Sometimes, humans have “knee-jerk” reactions out of habit or because they may have triggered past hurts. I know I have done this. Hopefully, I am getting better at recognizing it and dealing with my own stuff.

The sitcom, “Everybody Loves Raymond” had an episode where Raymond and Deborah have a fight over a can opener. They are both seen explaining the fight to others, and their viewpoints are very different – and in the end, it isn’t really about the can opener.

People come into our lives for a reason. Each one of them offers something – a lesson, a story, a helping hand…we don’t always know the reason. Being angry is (in my opinion) a waste of energy. If we can understand that we can connect with each other despite our differences of opinion, that shortcomings may not be “about us,” but merely lessons the other person is going through (or lessons we need to learn), we can enjoy and appreciate those relationships simply because of the vibrations we create together.

I am sharing this Lovely Blog, The Attractor Factory for its positive take on relationships. Group hug