Soup for You! Next!


This year I am committed to eating seasonally (and local), so fresh salads are out and cabbage and kale are in right now. After a week of cabbage though, I have more than the scent of a woman, so I start throwing other vegetables into a broth to make soup. I am fortunate to share in the soups of friends. Every time I visit my friend Byron, he sends me home with a freezer bag full of his spicy soup that fills the belly and clears the sinuses. And I am saving a frozen container of homemade venison soup that my friend Otter gave me for a great last meal here before I head for Montpelier.

You know, there is something almost cuddly about receiving homemade soup from someone who cares about you. The whole idea of someone creating that warm concoction – good things that may be otherwise forgotten in the fridge or not big enough to stand alone are blended together to make magic. And when soup is made, it is with the idea that someone else will share in it. Let’s face it, soup is great, but it gets less interesting after the fourth or fifth day of eating it. So you make soup and you share it.

So with soup – and barter – on the brain, I found this very cool site that tells about a neighborly meet-up called Soup Swap Everybody makes their favorite soup, at least 6 quarts, and brings it and freezer containers to the home of one of the participants. Then everybody swaps for the soup others have made. Some people up the ante and create cute labels and add side dishes like cornbread to their offerings. Way better than a party for the same containers, only empty! Check out the site on how to organize a swap – there is a national soup swap day coming up on the 23rd of this month! But…no bread for you!


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  1. What a lovely idea! I absolutely love soup, especially in the winter, but my family isn’t that keen. Not that that stops me from making it at least once a week…
    It would begreat to have a soup swap here, but somehow I can’t see it catching on. Cold soup, maybe…

  2. Love the swap idea. Soup has become our new, healthy version of fast food. I make a pot of something each week, freeze the leftovers and when we’re in a bind for a quick meal, defrost and serve. It’s also a great way to get my daughter to eat her vegetables.

  3. Wondering, once again, what to give 3 best friends for Christmas. None of us needs more trinkets or socks. The inspiration came in a flash – the gift of soup! I made Soup Certificates for Soup offering a quart of homemade soup each month for January and February. Delight all around. Thanks for the head’s up on Soup Swap Day

  4. I think it’s a great idea. We always put on pots of soup at our house for IU basketball game weekends, but this would make the meal the event. Hope my husband is also on board, as he has to make the soup. My concoctions say Campbell’s on the label.

  5. Little beats a pot of soup on the stove–the prep is relatively easy, the smell just perfumes the house, the rewards are a meal–and one that often improves with a night in the fridge.

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