There’s No Business Like Snow Business


Update! A kind reader sent me this fabulous snowflake. He took my name and flipped and rearranged it until he created a very cool six-pointed snowflake.:

It’s all about snow today! And Vermont does snow so well.

Snowflakes always amaze me. Minute little bits of architectural perfection that only last for a moment. While pumping gas yesterday I started to watch the snowflakes fall on my coat sleeve. Some were so tiny they only looked like bits of fuzz. But others were large and defined and I could see the beauty even without a magnifying glass.

This morning I woke to a white wonderland. We were blessed with snow that came up to Fae’s shoulders, so I’m guessing we have about 20 inches on the ground. Again, my thoughts turned to the millions and millions of snowflakes that made up the beauty, so I went searching for information.

I found this site that explains the structures of snowflakes. And I was pleased to see that Vermont is a snowflake “hotspot!” In fact, there is even a snowflake museum!The Snowflake Bentley Museum in Jericho displays the work of Wilson Bentley, who photographed and studied snowflakes for forty years. Oh, if you visit, make sure you go to the right Jericho – there are two in Vermont. Map? No, I don’t have a map for you. You’ll find it, and have a lot of fun on the way.

Want to make a flake? You can click one into existence here: Computer Snowflake. Or if you want to have fun with the kids and bring back old-school memories, break out the paper (scrap paper, destined for the recycle box) and get to work!

Excuse me, my snowshoes are calling…



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  1. In North Carolina, we’re lucky to get sleet, let alone snow.
    More power to Wilson Bentley, I love snow, but I can’t see myself studying it for 40 years!
    BTW, there’s a 30% chance of snow flurrys where I live on Thursday, but it defiantly won’t be 20 inches!

  2. I moved away from the snow–the shoveling part, not the looking at it part. Sometimes even Tucson gets snow, which clings to the saguaro cactuses and looks other-worldly. Last one of any significance came in April, 11 years ago.

  3. Oh, I love snow, and it’s one of the things I miss most about Europe.
    And a snowflake museum, how cool is that – must make mental note to viist if I’m ever in the area.
    Now I’m off to make my own snowflake. Thank you.

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