It’s 12-30. Do You Know Where Your Intentions Are?


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Are you looking back at 2009 with tender memories and wishing it hadn’t gone so fast? Or are you looking forward with anticipation, intending that 2010 be even more exciting?

Many of us have experienced changes over the last year – illness, deaths, births, lay offs, and layovers. “Green” has become a focus – in the financial sense as well as the ecological sense. I’m no different than all the others. But I do think that we have choices.

Are obstacles or barriers necessarily a bad thing? Are mistakes really mistakes? And how can one control something that is uncontrollable?

Take a good luck at something that has happened to you in the past. That could be the death of a loved one, a divorce, an accident, or many other things that would cause us to feel sadness or despair. Your life was changed and you knew it immediately. I’ll never be the same, you probably said to yourself. You may have whined, or cried, or raged, or fallen into depression. You may have taken to buffering the pain you felt with drugs, or alcohol, or other forms of addiction.

Now consider where you are now, and how you arrived. Many of the decisions you made may have stemmed from that traumatic event. And this is where you had control of your destiny. In many ways (and don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to discount the event) the Universe presented you with a blank check.

By now, you’re thinking, ok, Pollyanna. Back off.

But really, you have free will. The Universe, in my humble opinion, allows you to take what WAS, and what COULD be in the future, and combine them to create NOW. We all make mistakes, and hopefully we learn from them. Some of them can be reversed, if we want that. And others – well, we can’t un-ring a bell, so we have to make a choice to have no regrets and move forward with a stronger outlook, a longer stride, and a happy heart.

Here are some people who did exactly that:

Lemonade Movie

Trust the Universe, man.


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  1. We each have the ability to make the best of each event that crosses our life path … often this is a very, very hard lesson, but anything worth knowing is usually difficult to learn.

    I’m so glad you joined the FLX posting buddy group.

  2. Great post, Rosie. It’s all about making a choice, isn’t it? As I’ve mentioned in my own blog, every day gives you another chance for a do-over. No worries, if possible, about the past. Focus on what you’re doing now and for the future. The end of the year is the perfect time for reflection like this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this.

  3. Life would be boring indeed without challenges. However painful at times, every experience and how we deal with it shapes our present and future, and if it is out of our control, then there really is no point whingeing, is there?
    Welcome to the FLX group Rosie!

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