Excuse Me, Sir – Your Blog is Running


Some of you may remember back in May, I had a buddy fill in for me here at TrusttheUniverse. Predictably, Sir Buffalo Sushi has grown tired of guest-hosting the blogs of others (including his mom’s great blog, Polka Dot Suitcase ) and has struck out on his own. Not STRUCK out like in a ball game – struck out like starting on a great adventure. And I am sure he has. Sir Buffalo Sushi is making his blog’s mission a good one – to protect animals. I went to his site today and viewed some of the videos he has uploaded. And I have to admit, I have no idea what a Ripstick is, but it sounds like fun. Check out his place!


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  1. Thanks for putting in a good word for me.
    A “Ripstik” is like a skateboard but with two wheels, I didn’t know what it was, ether, ’till I got one for Christmas. 🙂

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