Room for Thought – and Silliness


The other night I was attending a chat room with several of my global friends. On the web site, the chat room was located in a box on the left, and on the top right a smaller box held the names of people who were presently in the chat room. Directly underneath was a larger box marked “ignored members.”

Wow. I thought to myself, the box for potential “ignored members” is bigger – are the webmasters projecting something? Would there be a mass “ignore?” Is this such a rowdy bunch that it is highly possible that more members will be ignored than can actually fit into the room itself?

Wait a minute – this was a spiritual site. A place of happiness and group hugs. So would anybody really want to ignore anybody? If they did, wouldn’t it be defeating the purpose of the room?

After I gnawed on that idea until it was tasteless, I went on. Under the giant ignore room (ok, it wasn’t giant. It was ample.) there was another box. It didn’t have a title. It was just a box, waiting for text, waiting for definition.

I couldn’t stop staring at that box. I stopped chatting and just stared, wondering what its purpose was. I mentioned it to my friends. “Hey,” I typed. “Anyone know what that empty box is for?” Even though I couldn’t really see them, I knew they were now staring at it, too. So I asked. “You’re staring at it, aren’t you?”

A few typed LOLs came back. “Maybe it’s a naughty room.” But we decided we could all be a little naughty, so we all just may as well stay in the bigger room.

I stared at it. The box seemed so welcoming, so clean. It’s a room of requirement, I thought, like in the Harry Potter books. A room of potential. A box not yet completely created, just four lines on a page. Boundaries, with unlimited content. I felt like jumping into it, like a cat unable to resist an empty cardboard box.

We were all mesmerized by the room of potential. One chatter claimed the lower left hand corner for her own special spot. Since it was a room of potential, we felt the place needed to be looked at on an energy level – the lower left hand corner would be knowledge in a feng shui sense. The corner of knowledge – did the chatter feel she could handle that corner?

“Yes, I can – if I have the proper tools,” she said eagerly.

So we “outfitted” her. If she were to take on the corner and get in the know, she needed some things. Goggles, to protect her from overhear spray. Pants of steel, for possible slides from mud-throwing and gossip leaks. Latex gloves, so one hand could wash the other. Truth tights. Boots to slog through research.

“I’m ready! I can do this!” She was. I could feel it in her typing. She was eager. She was ready to get in the know.

So, the last I heard, Paggie (not her real name – you only get to know that if you’re in the know) was doing well, taking on knowledge with a vengeance. And the other three corners? So much potential. So much room in that box. You only have to learn to think inside it…


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