Falling back! And a call to all for art…


Hello, friends! I am back to blogging after a few months of inactivity. I hope you missed it.

I have an exciting project to share with you! This venture, by a hip and eco-friendly local artist, is at the grassroots level – and needs your participation! The project, called “Art Is” has no specific goal, except to inspire all to dig deep into their souls and share by expression.

To participate in the “Art Is” project, please:

1.Pick out a paint color sample card that
you like, either a single color chip or a tone-strip.

2.On the color side of the sample, write the words “Art is” and finish the sentence.
There are no restrictions on words, drawings, images, or any type of media
you would like to add to the paint chip. The paint chip is your canvas!

3. Mail your finished paint chips to: “Art Is”, PO Box 64, North Bennington, Vermont. 05257. No return addresses, please!

4. There is no limit to the number of chips you can send; however please make sure your art is anonymous! Men and women of all ages, interests and creative abilities, fellow artists and artisans, craftspeople of all venues and genres, collectors and seekers, the novice, the nay-sayer and the passionate. This project calls to ALL who can taste, feel, see, touch and breathe art!

5. Please feel free to copy and paste this information and pass this request along to others who might like to participate, with a request to please delete all names and e-mail addresses that came with the message before it is sent to others. This is not only to honor the anonymity of the project, but also for the privacy of those involved.

Let’s help this artist, and see how far we can fling the word of art!

To help you get into the swing of things, here’s a fun “art-relation” song:


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