Daily Archives: June 16, 2009

Shagging it


I had my hair cut today.

This Friday will be my first chemo treatment. The oncologist said I may not lose my hair if I cut it shorter. And, although I am not my hair, I kind of like having hair. But que sera, sera. If it goes, it goes. Anyway…I decided to go with a Meg Ryan shag – it isn’t bad. I might post a pic if you’re interested. Since I still have saloon feet (painted toes) from my son’s wedding, I feel like I am borrowing someone else’s body for a while. Maybe I didn’t tell you about the toes – 50 years old and the first time they have seen polish. Oh, the adventures I’ve seen…

After I said goodbye to the curls of hair on the salon floor, I headed home, determined to find a fun blog about bald women. I was a bit surprised when my innocent search words turned up some rather risque sites! So I turned my attention to another baldy – the bald eagle. While searching, I came upon this beautiful photo site. The shot of the two little bear cubs made me laugh out loud – and I was a goner. This blog gets today’s Lovely Blog Award for its inspiration and for the fun cub shot. So I am sharing with you – enjoy the amazing photos of our Mother Earth. Her beauty continues to astound me. And wow – let’s make sure SHE doesn’t go bald, ok?

Update: Ok, as promised – I’m looking a little puny here, and of course, the haircut doesn’t look as good as it did when I left the hair salon, but here it is. I now wonder why I spent money to have my hair cut just weeks before I may lose it all…

Oh, and the saloon feet – shocking, eh? saloon feet