Dance Fever


I was chair-dancing this morning…I can’t sit still when a good song comes on the radio, and pretty soon my upper body starts to sway in the computer chair, then my arms start to swing, and pretty soon I’m doing a full out eyes-closed, lip-biting, torso-turning half-body groove-thing. Good thing I live alone.

I relate to the Seinfeld episode where Elaine shows off her special dance move. Elaine, like me, loves to dance. And like me, she doesn’t fit into the “wow, she can really dance” category. But she’s entertaining.

Writer buddy Michelle Rafter suggested I learn a new dance move for my month of New Things. I have a wedding to attend this coming weekend, so I thought it was a great idea. Maybe I could finally fit into that “wow, she can really dance” category. I decided on hip hop – don’t laugh now. But since I am still healing from surgery I had to be careful with my choices. I found this video. I’m not sure how well I did, because, again, I live alone. I’ll probably forget the steps by the time the wedding rolls around. I think that might be a good thing. And lucky for you, I don’t own a video camera.

Now, I challenge you to learn a new dance move, or teach us one! Can you imitate Elaine’s kickin’ dance steps? If you’re brave, upload a You-Tube video of your move-mastery, and send me a link. I will post any or all videos! How ’bout it? Sir Buffalo Sushi – are you game?

Update: Moscow Burning suggested taking a look at this clip from Hellzapoppin’. Made me tired just watching it! So where are your dance moves, Moscow? Hmm?


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  1. my dance moves? i’ll show you at the wedding. i was a competitive swing dancer you know. yep, i taught it at the swing factory and four on the floor in austin. i can’t get you-know-who to dance, although he is a fabulous dancer. he says i try and lead, but it’s not my fault that my sisters always made me dance the guy part when we waltzed!


  2. Rosie,
    hop on over to between one and three pm Mondays. DJ Klara does a chair dancing segment during the show, always with Luka Bloom’s The Bogman as a signature song, and other trad and not so trad Irish music as well … you might enjoy it, and you can email in requests too.

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