Kale, Kale, the Gang’s All Here


I picked up my first CSA share today. Chuck and Lisa’s produce looks fabulous! The shares are still small, as the season is barely in, but I was happy to get a bunch of young kale in my box today (as well as organic eggs, spinach, and mesclun mix).

I love kale. It is so packed full of nutrients that I am surprised the leaves don’t explode from the pressure. I usually eat it raw or throw it into stews or soups. But I decided to search for a new way of loving kale as my New Thing. Now, I love kale even more.

I made kale chips out of 6 fairly large leaves. A warning – although these are called “chips” they do not taste like potato chips. But they are delicious – I ate all 6 leaves in about 6 minutes (I think 1 leaf is a serving)! Oh, another warning – there is a fine line between “crispy” and “burnt” so watch them carefully. Let the edges brown lightly and the leaves get stiff, but no more than that. If you do kill the kale, don’t worry – throw the burned bits into the next pot of soup.



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