Little earthquakes and memories


My friend Wojo just sent me a link to a beautiful speech given at Kenyon College. I want to share it with you. The speaker mentions a 1974 movie line that says “Earthquakes bring out the worst in people.”

We all have our own little earthquakes on a daily basis. The tough thing about earthquakes is that they quake whether we want them to or not. All we can do is choose how to handle the damage – with our worst or with our best. Sometimes, it is difficult to tell which one we’re using. But in the end, we all get up and dust ourselves off, and start the cleanup.

Instead of today’s New Thing, I would like to take this space to remember all who came before us. And I would especially like to honor two men who were special to me: my father and my oldest brother. Both wore uniforms at one point in their lives. The last thing I heard from my father before he passed away 28 years ago were the words “I love you.” The last thing I heard from my brother when he passed away 2 years ago were the words “I love you.” If every moment I spent with either of them slipped away into darkness, those words were enough. They are powerful and gentle, soothing and solid…and can even be silly.

Remember to say them now to those who are cleaning up earthquake dust around you. I love you.

Oh, and one last tip: Earthquake putty.

Operators are standing by.


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