Holy Geode, Batman!It’s a Thunderegg!


This week I received a box of goodies from one of my sons – how cool is that? He and his wife sent some organic teas, an infuser and muslin tea bags, and two geodes. At least I thought they were geodes. When I wrote to thank them for the fun surprise, I was told that the rocks were actually “thundereggs” from Oregon.

Thundereggs are rough spheres usually about the size of a baseball. They usually contain agate, chalcedony, jasper or opal. They can be sliced open like geodes and the centers can be polished to bring out the patterns and colors. But they are not geodes – while geodes are rocks with crystal-filled hollows, thundereggs are a geological structure.

So now the question is: should I cut my thundereggs open, or should I just enjoy the wonder of what they might look like inside?


Oh, and a big thanks to the bloggers on the May Blogathon trail for my second New Thing today : learning how to make a blog word into a link! yeehaw!


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