Hello, bloglings of the internet. Sir Buffalo Sushi, again. Today I learned that tomatoes aren’t a veggie… they’re actually a fruit. I don’t know if a 5th grader should know that, but now I do. So, make a mental note; tomatoes are fruit.
I like fruits better than vegetables. Fruits are juicier and more sweet. But I’ll make a exception to bell peppers (which are my favorite veggie) and my mom’s awesome grilled veggies.

Until tomorrow, good-bye, bloglings. (I came up with the word bloglings, meaning “a person who blogs”.)


About sirbuffalosushi

Hi, I'm a huge fan of Green Day and The Office. I'm also a avid airsofter, and I love my country. I'm the owner of SirBuffaloSushi and stride to give people the best info and reviews on a bunch of different topics, my biggest areas of expertise being airsoft and music. I hope you enjoy all of my blogs and posts!

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  1. SBS~~~
    I have enjoyed your Blooogs since Rosie has been away learning to let others help her & laughing her way to Healing.
    I will miss your whimsy & your reminders of things I, too, loved as a younger person. Today I put a piece of sting in a circle & have retaught myself cat cradle etc….
    Thank you.

  2. Well now, Sir Buff,
    I would think that bloglings would be the RESULT of blogers. Unless, of course, they were first or second graders! Then you could call them bloglings with no problem.
    Now YOU TELL me: How can I get on spellcheck in here?

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