Beavers v.s. Otters: head-to-head


Hi everyone! Sir Buffalo Sushi, again, filling in for Rosie. Today I learned the difference between a beaver and an otter.


Long, skinny tail
Beady eyes
Eat shellfish and other river-going creatures
Long mouth


Short, flat tail
Big, lovable eyes
Eats bark
Small mouth

I personally like beavers better. Otters are so smart and sly. I like the big, slow beavers. Of course, beavers are smart, though. They’re smart enough to sense danger and slap the water with their tail. And beavers build huge dams. (Even I couldn’t construct a dam.)

So, there’s a lot of differences. Until tomorrow… Sir Buffalo Sushi signing off.


About sirbuffalosushi

Hi, I'm a huge fan of Green Day and The Office. I'm also a avid airsofter, and I love my country. I'm the owner of SirBuffaloSushi and stride to give people the best info and reviews on a bunch of different topics, my biggest areas of expertise being airsoft and music. I hope you enjoy all of my blogs and posts!

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  1. Ah yes…but the otters are fun to watch when they play. And if you are in Alaska you can watch buffalo run off the hill and slide across the frozen pond! They’ll do it enough times that you know they are playing their own game.

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