Cat’s Cradle


So, hi folks, I’m Sir Buffalo Sushi. I usually write for Polka Dot Suitcase, but since Rosie is in Pennsylvania, getting cured, she needed a back up blogger, and I agreed to fill in.

The first thing I want to do is wish Rosie luck. She’ll be back blogging in several days, so you don’t have to read my crazy posts for long.

Anyway, I’ll learn something new every day, then report back to you. Today, I learned how to do a string trick called the “Cat’s Cradle”. You may have done it when you were a kid. You take a string; tie it in a circle, so it’s like a loop. Then you can make it into a broom, crow’s feet, a cat’s cradle, and other cool shapes. You can Google it, because it’s really hard to explain. I mastered 5 tricks. It’s really quite addicting.

You’ll have to try it sometime. Bye, bloglings, ‘till tomorrow, Sir Buffalo Sushi signing off.


About sirbuffalosushi

Hi, I'm a huge fan of Green Day and The Office. I'm also a avid airsofter, and I love my country. I'm the owner of SirBuffaloSushi and stride to give people the best info and reviews on a bunch of different topics, my biggest areas of expertise being airsoft and music. I hope you enjoy all of my blogs and posts!

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  1. I used to play “Cat’s Cradle” all the time with my best friend when I was a kid. Thanks for the good memory!

    I’ll have to teach my almost-11-year-old twin girls how to play. I’ll have to Google it though because it has been a LONG time since I played last.

    Great post! Looking forward to reading more from you, SBS!


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