It was a rainy day here in Philadelphia, and I spent the better part of the day inside. So, today, I wanted to do something to bring in a bit of spring. Today’s New Thing – learning to identify one of Mother Earth’s most melodious songbirds.

I chose the thrush family because of their ability to sing two notes simultaneously, resulting in an amazing song. The hermit thrush is the lilting flute of the forest, its song is melodious and magical. You’ll recognize the sound next time you take a walk in the woods – listen to it here:

Then compare the hermit thrush to the beautiful-but-different songs of the other thrushes. Listening to and identifying the hermit thrush was a calming end to a busy day. I hope you’ll appreciate Mother Earth’s sound as much as I did!


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  1. Hi im new to your site, but am in philly and my husband works at ctca(in housekeeping). If you need someone to talk to I am only a phone call or a few minutes away(I drop him off there every day)

    Either way please know i am praying for you and hope you find the best way for you


    • Thanks for the kudos, Sir Buffalo! Perhaps you would be willing to be a guest blogger during the May Blogathon?

  2. Oh Rosie,

    You picked one of my favorites! There’s nothing more enchanting than hearing the flute-like song of a wood thrush while walking through the woods.

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