It’s a Whole New World


Well, here I go! Off on another adventure – blogging in space. I must admit, I probably should have devoted the time to rebuilding my sad little temporary (for a year and still counting) website. But for some reason, this seemed like the right challenge. I trust that it is.The universe always sets us up for opportunities to learn and to grow.

So, if you happen on this lovely unspoiled blog, take a good look at the name – and tell me what you would like to see here. I’m open to suggestions! Otherwise, you’re at my mercy. And I have an long list of interests, so you never know what might appear. A look at the Zen of beekeeping, or why I like sheep. How I’m crazy about our Mother Earth and all her amazing gifts . You might read an interview with a cool person, or a warm one. You might even have to read a – gasp –  haiku. It’s your call, for now.

Always Rosie


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  1. Rosie,
    welcome to the world of blogging. I’ve just been reading your post about bees — the first of many , I expect. being a musician, I’d like to know, what are some of the songs you sing (or hum) while you work? that could be material for a whole set of posts, I’m thinking.

    come on over and visit my blog at
    Music Road
    if you’d like, and I think you might also enjoy my friend Shannon Heaton’s blog Leap Little Frog too

    • Oh Kerry! My tastes in music are as eclectic as my other interests! Let’s see…big bands such as Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey (and no, I’m not THAT old – I just love the music),Celtic, jazz, classical, 70s (everything from Abba to ZZTop), and current pop artists as well. I’ll listen to everything!

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